We are a mexican indie studio founded on june 2017 with the purpose of building interactive projects for all audiences. From corporate apps to adventure videogames, our drive for creating state of the art digital products has led us to develop solutions for a wide variety of clients and collaborators. We focus on videogames and Virtual/Augmented Reality experiences as well as highly interactive mobile apps.

We greately enjoy collaborating with industry collegues, so don’t be surprised if our portfolio is filled with links to other super talented studios. There is nothing better than building on the strenghts of each team to create highly memorable experiences with superb quality.

But we also like to experiment on our own. That’s the reason why we are currently developing our first commercial videogame entirely developed and published inhouse: Send Me Home. A game made for Virtual Reality platforms designed for all ages. Check out our portfolio if you want to know more.

Finally, if you want to know more about the studio, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sentient robot toaster will make sure to deliver your message still warm and with a crispy border.